Decorating Safely for the Holidays

Decorating Safely for the Holidays

Don’t let fire or accident spoil your holiday season.  Use these tips to keep your family safe while celebrating all winter long!

The winter holidays are a time for fun, family, and festivities.  That often means more cooking, decorating, entertaining and shortcuts.  Christmas trees, candles, and holiday lights are responsible for hundreds of fires and accidents each year.  Before you deck your halls, make sure you’re following these safety tips.

-Inspect your holiday decorations carefully to make sure there are no loose or frayed wires.  Choose those made with flame-resistant, flame-retardant or non-combustible materials.

-Keep candles away from decorations and other combustible materials, and do not use candles to decorate your Christmas tree.

-Purchase only lights and electrical decorations bearing the name of an independent testing lab, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance

-Do not overload extension cords.

-Always unplug lights before replacing light bulbs or fuses.

-Don’t use clips or nails that puncture your light cords wire insulation.

-Keep children and pets away from light strings and electrical decorations

-Turn off all lights and decorations when you head out for the day or go to bed at night.

-Test your smoke alarms to make sure they are working properly as a backup

-If you have a real tree, keep it moist by watering frequently.

-Candle fires in the home are reported to a U.S. Fire Department every 34 minutes during the holidays.  If you are decorating with candles, make sure they are far away from any item that can burn such as furniture, bedding, curtains or other decorations.

Follow these safety tips to ensure Happy Holidays for all!

These tips are designed as general information that may apply to many situations.  Please take them and apply them to your specific information.

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Taking Road Safety Seriously Every Day.  Today’s shortcut can be tomorrow’s danger.

Taking Road Safety Seriously Every Day. Today’s shortcut can be tomorrow’s danger.

Wellness Wednesday

Taking Road Safety Seriously every day. Today’s shortcut may be tomorrow’s danger.

Thanksgiving is just a day away and the December holidays begin just after. Did you know Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year?

Road safety should be observed year round, but at the holidays it is especially critical. Rushing around to holiday events, shopping and visiting family puts you in the car more often and it is easy to take a shortcut to try and save a few minutes. Distracted driving and not observing safety precautions can lead to serious consequences.

Let’s consider a few safety concerns that you should never cut out.

-Buckle Up! So many adults just jump into the car and go. Besides being a violation because it’s the law, using your safety belt will protect you from serious injury in the event of an accident.

-Making sure children are restrained is also important. Allowing the independence of doing it themselves is important but is also a violation if they are not properly fastened in their seats.

-Obey the speed limits at all times. The few minutes you save speeding can lead to a speeding ticket, moving violation and increased insurance rates.

-Forget about the cell phone! If it can not be accessed through your car, it can wait until your next stop. In addition to the possible accident, you can cause by taking your eyes off the road to answer the phone, using a cell phone while driving is also a violation that comes with a hefty fine.

-Never drive if you have had too much to drink or are taking medication that restricts your use of driving a motor vehicle. This may not be a decision you can make in the moment.

The holidays are an exciting time to be spent with family and friends. Practice safety and make it a holiday to remember.

The above are suggestions that are made based on research of best practices, motor vehicle, and insurance guidelines. They are a reminder to practice caution.

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by Denise Visco

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Maintaining Your New Year Resolutions

Maintaining Your New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to keep when your list of goals is as long as your shopping list. Add on some stress and post-holiday slump and you’re feeling hopeless!

Don’t panic! Here are some tips to help keep your resolutions in check and on track.

Start small. Don’t jump into an unrealistic resolution. For example, instead of promising yourself to go to the gym five times a week, make a promise of three days. This will help you feel more accomplished and help your strive towards the five days.

Change one behavior at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed and think that you have to reassess everything in your life. Instead, focus on changing one thing at a time.

Talk about it. Share your goals and expectations with your family and friends. Having a support system will help you in achieving your goals.

Don’t beat yourself up. If you promised yourself to eat healthy this year and splurge on a bowl of ice cream. Don’t get down about it. We are all human and we are far from perfect. One bowl of ice cream or even a cookie will not permanently destroy your resolution. Everyone has up and downs. Simply recover from your mistakes and get back on track.

What are your New Year resolutions for 2018?


Candle Safety

Candle Safety

Calling all candle lovers! The holidays have passed and most likely you’ve received an abundance of your favorite candles. Before lighting a candle, be sure to follow these 4 important safety tips:

Don’t touch your candle while hot! Never touch or move while lit; wait until the wax has hardened.

Keep an eye on your candles. Always burn candles where you can see them (no longer than 3-4 hours at a time) and never near anything that can catch fire. Candles will burn slower and more evenly when kept in draft-free areas. Extinguish the flames before you leave a room. Never extinguish the flame with water.

Keep your candles clean. Trim wicks to ¼ inch before you light them (every time).

Keep candles out of reach. If you have pets, or young children, be sure to keep your candles in an area where they cannot reach them.

Enjoy your candles safely!


The Advantages of Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

The Advantages of Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Early holiday shopping has some advantages, but for many last minute shopping is more the norm. If you are one of those people, don’t feel bad as last minute shopping has some advantages as well.

A Consumer Reports Holiday Poll found that 9 percent of shoppers, an estimated 17 million people plan to do their shopping on Christmas Eve.

Many stores are still open Christmas Eve, even if the hours are reduced. That gives the last minute shoppers a final chance to shop for the perfect gift. In addition to having more time to shop, there are some other benefits to shopping late in the season.

Smaller Crowds: As the season winds down, many shoppers have already completed their shopping. Fewer people tend to be in the stores in the last few days leading up to Christmas. Most people have already moved on to travel plans or preparing their homes for holiday visitors. This can help you move through stores in record time!

Discounted prices: Store owners will be more anxious to reduce inventory and make the most end of the year profits, so merchandise will be reduced to rock bottom prices for fast sale. Shoppers who are looking to save money by paying the lowest possible price will benefit at this time.

Lower Chance of Discovery: The later you shop, the shorter the duration of hiding your precious selections. When you wait curious kids are less likely to find your shopping treasures.

More time to plan: By the end of the holiday season you may have a better idea of what you need to purchase. You will also have more time to find out exactly what your family wants reducing the number of returns.

Gift Cards: Some people prefer to give gift cards. Consumer Reports says 62 percent of last minute shoppers choose gift cards. If you call into that category, waiting to buy the cards won’t be an issue as long as you make it to the stores before they close.
Last minute shopping has its advantages. Even though the clock is ticking, there are still deals to be had.

If you would like to avoid the stores all together, consider the gift of Insurance this holiday season. The gift of Life Insurance will guarantee that you can continue to provide your family happy holidays for many years to come. Santa’s helpers at C.H. Edwards, Inc. can assist you by setting you up with a Life Insurance Specialist. Happy holidays to you and your family from your friends at C.H. Edwards, Inc.

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Written by: Denise A. Visco

Tips to help make Visiting Santa easier this Season

Tips to help make Visiting Santa easier this Season

Christmastime is filled with many different holiday traditions. While people are decorating their homes or going to holiday themed shows and activities, families with younger children may have a visit to a Santa on their holiday to do list. For some this is an exciting experience, for others this activity can be met with apprehension and even fear. Here are some tips to help make visiting Santa a more pleasurable experience for both children and parents.

Do a test run. If your child has never had a photo or visit with Santa before, they may be frightened. The successful photo visit may take more than one time. Try a walk by, or if the line is short, maybe just a quick hello and then build up to the big event. Observe how your child is reacting and if they are old enough to engage in conversation, talk about the experience. Younger children who are frightened and may be crying can actually be the source of anxiety for older ones. The beard and red coat coupled with the fact of sitting on a strangers lap may also be concerning to your child. Acclimate your child to the experience and let them become familiar with how Santa looks and acts.

Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Consider not using this opportunity to dress up and wear the shiny new shoes. The new, dress holiday clothes may be another cause of discomfort. The goal is to look nice for the photo but not at the expense of your child’s experience.

Pack some supplies. Bring snacks and drinks for the kids so hunger isn’t the source of discomfort. Bring a change of clothes just in case.

Get Santa recommendations. Ask friends, neighbors or even teachers in the community about Santa visits. Many Santa’s are trained to help make the experience easier for children with anxiety or special needs. Not every Santa is adept at handling children. You want someone who is used to making children feel welcome and comfortable.

Try and have a good time. Don’t expect perfection. Focus on building memories. Sometimes the best moments are the ones that just happen. Enjoy this wonderful time with your children.

Happy Holidays from your Santa’s helpers here at C.H. Edwards, Inc. If we can assist you with your Insurance needs this holiday season, feel free to contact us at 516-249-5200.

Written by: Denise A. Visco

What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, we tend to get caught up in the preparations of the meal, watching of parades and sporting events and spending time with family and friends. For some, the planning and strategizing for shopping the sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday consume our thoughts. Have we forgotten the real reason we celebrate Thanksgiving?

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated as a way for the Pilgrims to give thanks for the opportunity to begin a life in the New World. To get to this day, many survived illness and the restriction of freedoms that we now take for granted.

Thanksgiving is the one day a year set aside to give thanks. So what are you thankful for? This is a question that for many can bring about a storm of emotion. This question means something different to everyone.

In recent years, I made a choice to include my closest friends at my family table because close friends are as important to me as family. I am thankful for the opportunity to make this possible.

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for me. I think of those no longer with me to celebrate the holidays and the memories of years gone by. I am thankful for my husband whose love and support I could not live without, my children who teach me what the meaning of love is every day, my family that remind me of where I started and how far we have come, my friends who support me in good times and difficult times and for the opportunities that I have been afforded to make this life one that I am proud of and happy to share with the people I care about.

However you decide to celebrate this year, I urge you to take time to remember why it is that we celebrate this day and to make thankfulness a part of each day not just Thanksgiving. In this fast paced world that we live in, it is too easy to forget to take time to slow down and remember just how we got here.

The Management and Staff of C.H. Edwards, Inc. would like to extend our best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with the opportunity to make memories with those you cherish the most!

Written by: Denise Visco