Not a fan of the New Year Resolution? Try a New Year Intention

Not a fan of the New Year Resolution? Try a New Year Intention

Wellness Wednesday
Not a fan of the New Year Resolution? Try a New Year Intention
Happy New Year! Now that the festivities are over, the clean up begins. The decorations from the holidays are put away and now is the time for that fresh start. A clean slate. We can begin the year anyway we choose. New Year resolutions are popular, but are they for you?
The New Year resolution is often attached to that difficult to obtain goal or something that you know you will only stick with for a short period of time and then view as a failed attempt rather than a new beginning. Try something new this year. How about setting an intention for the new year that can grow and change with you as your needs change?
An intention is defined as a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.
The intention you choose is personal to you and can be viewed as a positive instead of the negative that is attached to the resolution. The act of setting this intention may take some quiet thought, meditation or even soul-searching. How you do this or what you choose is entirely up to you. Your in the driver’s seat on this one. There is no time limit to set one and the process of achieving it can take as long as you need.
Give it a try! Make this New Year the new beginning you always wanted.
The information shared in Wellness Wednesday is a format to offer suggestions and is not intended to replace the advice of a skilled professional.
by Denise Visco
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You Made it through the Holidays, Now take time to Just Breathe!

You Made it through the Holidays, Now take time to Just Breathe!

Wellness Wednesday
You made it through the Holidays, Now take time to Just Breathe!
The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over. The shopping, holiday parties, late nights, overindulgence of all the holiday favorites are now behind you. Take the time to Just Breathe!
The idea of New Year Resolutions weigh on your mind and the conversation of the New Year brings a fresh start and new opportunity, Don’t let this overwhelm you. Just Breathe!
It is natural to put this pressure on yourself with all the conversation that revolves around the New Year. More celebrations, starting a diet or fitness program, putting away the holiday decorations and taking on holiday returns. Just Breathe!
Pace yourself and be kind to yourself. There is plenty of time to get all of these things done. Take this time for yourself and Just Breathe!
Breathing is a daily function that keeps us alive but the flow of oxygen and the release of the breath during an exhale involves many functions in our body. Take time to consider this. During the exhale, oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream, decreasing stress, which is critical on days that you need the most energy.
It is recommended that an energizing breath be one where you breathe in through your nose while counting to four, then exhale through your mouth and count to four. Repeat this five to ten times. Be Mindful. During this time try to clear your mind of to-do lists and concerning thoughts. It is also important to stay hydrated during this exercise. Take this time for you and Just Breathe!
Wellness Wednesday topics are designed to bring topics of wellness to your attention and should never be viewed as medical advice or to replace a medical professional.
Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know if you have tried any of these tips or if there are any topics that you would like to see covered.
by Denise Visco
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Keeping Pets Safe this Holiday Season

Keeping Pets Safe this Holiday Season

Wellness Wednesday

Keeping Pets Safe this Holiday Season

Our pets are part of our family so it isn’t unusual for them to join in our holiday festivities. Even though they are part of our family, pets have special needs that don’t allow them to celebrate in the same way we do.

Pets like to sit under the dining table in hopes that they will pick up a scrap or two. Sharing your meat scraps with a pet can be ok if no seasoning is used. Ingredients like onions can cause fatigue in pets, raisins in fruitcake can cause kidney failure as well as garlic, nuts, and nutmeg that can cause a variety of GI issues Be careful with the foods your pet may pick up or given.

Pets also like to linger around the Christmas tree trying to get a few sips of the water used to keep your live tree fresh. Although it seems harmless, Christmas trees leach out fertilizer and other toxic chemicals into the water. Standing water becomes a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria. It is best to keep your pets out of this water no matter how cute it may seem. A suggestion would be to cover the trees water basin with foil or plastic wrap to keep your pet safely out of the water.

Pets are also one of the most requested gifts from children. How do you know if your child is ready for a pet? Ask yourself this question first. How good is your child at reliably completing chores? This will tell you how likely they are to help with the pet. This will also help you understand how much your child can do on their own and how much help you need to contribute. This should be a family decision as your new pet will become the newest member of your family.

Wishing you and your pets a safe and happy holiday season.

by Denise Visco

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October is Emotional Wellness Awareness Month

October is Emotional Wellness Awareness Month

Aside from being physically healthy, it is important to keep your mind healthy. Simple things like controlling your stress levels and getting enough sleep can help and play a big roll in your mental health.

If you overexert yourself on a hot day or stay up for 24 hours with no sleep, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if your body suddenly “broke down”. Your mind is subject to the same rules, meaning that it can only take so much stress before it breaks down.

Here are 8 strategies to stay emotionally healthy:

  1. Be an optimist and look on the bright side of everything.
  2. Have hope and know that things will get better during dark times.
  3. Accept yourself. Instead of pondering on all the things you dislike about yourself, think about all the good things that define you and make you, you!
  4. Stay connected and go out with family and friends often. It is always good to be surrounded by people that love you.
  5. Express gratitude. Studies show that people who are thankful are better at dealing with stress.
  6. Find your purpose and meaning. Set goals for yourself and thrive on your natural talents.
  7. Exercise regularly, a little bit of exercise every day is good for your well being; it helps you concentrate and get things off your mind.
  8. Practice mindfulness; meaning really focus and appreciate the moment of time that you are in.

Start practicing good mental health today. Just like a workout for your body, here’s a workout for your mind.



Taking Control of Your Fall Season Allergies!

Taking Control of Your Fall Season Allergies!

Isn’t incredible how the weather can change in the blink of eye? As we approach the fall, many of us may be suffering from allergies. Allergens are the substances that cause you to experience allergy symptoms. You may be asking, “What can I do about them?” or “How can I control them?”

Whether its indoor allergies or outdoor allergies that have you down, know how to control them!

When suffering with Indoor Allergies:

  • Filter your Air with air conditioning systems and vacuums to trap small allergens.
  • Minimize dust mites by washing your sheets in hot water at least once a week and using hypoallergenic bedding.
  • Control pets by keeping them off the furniture and out of bedrooms.
  • Keep your household dry to avoid mold.

When suffering with Outdoor Allergies:

  • Know your comfort zone and how much pollen exposure you can handle.
  • Keeps doors and windows closed to keep allergens out!
  • Avoid contact with grass and weeds when enjoying fall outdoor activities.
  • Use masks when cutting the lawn or being involved in yard work. Wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts to protect your skin.

So now you have it! Better your fall season by controlling your allergies. Make time to enjoy all those wonderful fall activities and most of all, be in control of your own body!