October is Emotional Wellness Awareness Month

October is Emotional Wellness Awareness Month

Aside from being physically healthy, it is important to keep your mind healthy. Simple things like controlling your stress levels and getting enough sleep can help and play a big roll in your mental health.

If you overexert yourself on a hot day or stay up for 24 hours with no sleep, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if your body suddenly “broke down”. Your mind is subject to the same rules, meaning that it can only take so much stress before it breaks down.

Here are 8 strategies to stay emotionally healthy:

  1. Be an optimist and look on the bright side of everything.
  2. Have hope and know that things will get better during dark times.
  3. Accept yourself. Instead of pondering on all the things you dislike about yourself, think about all the good things that define you and make you, you!
  4. Stay connected and go out with family and friends often. It is always good to be surrounded by people that love you.
  5. Express gratitude. Studies show that people who are thankful are better at dealing with stress.
  6. Find your purpose and meaning. Set goals for yourself and thrive on your natural talents.
  7. Exercise regularly, a little bit of exercise every day is good for your well being; it helps you concentrate and get things off your mind.
  8. Practice mindfulness; meaning really focus and appreciate the moment of time that you are in.

Start practicing good mental health today. Just like a workout for your body, here’s a workout for your mind.