Cutting Prom Costs

Cutting Prom Costs

Many people fondly remember their high school proms. While proms make great memories, they can also break the bank!

Prom can be an expensive occasion. On average, American families plan to spend $900 on their children’s prom. Here are some helpful tips to help cut costs when it comes to preparing for prom 2017!

Search for deals: Subscribe to mailing lists and download apps such as Living Social or Groupon to find the best deals on flowers, formal wear, and all the extras.

Go supermarket floral: Supermarkets and warehouse clubs may offer discounted prices on flowers, which prom goers can fashion into boutonnieres and corsages. Also, nothing says you cannot pull a beautiful bloom out of your home garden as well!

Be your own paparazzi: Smartphone cameras now have excellent capabilities, and certain apps can apply filters and fix minor flaws easily. Pair with a coupon for discount photo prints, and soon you’ll have a frugal photo memory book or wall portrait.

Savings in numbers: See if a particular vendor will cut costs if you book services with a group of friends. Retailers will guarantee the sales, and prom goers can save some money.

Prom is meant for making memories, not getting in debt. Save money with smart shopping and avoid all the stress!

Happy prom season!


Gina Rodriguez makes a high school student’s dreams come true!

Gina Rodriguez makes a high school student’s dreams come true!

Gina Rodriguez, the star of “Jane the Virgin”, is making a high school student`s prom dream come true. Jessica Casanova is a high school teen who dreamt of wearing her idol`s Golden Globes dress to prom. Gina Rodriquez saw her tweet and made her dreams come true.

“Rodriguez’s good gestures didn’t end there, as she paid for some alterations to the dress and even sent along a personal video, according to the Associated Press. In it she tells Casanova, “I love you, I’m so proud of you. I’m so excited for you. Dance like no one’s watching, have the time of your life. Enjoy every single moment. Make smart decisions and let loose, girl. You look beautiful.” After seeing this, many fans also got in on this action and started the trend, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Golden Globes Dress.” Gina plans on passing her dress along to other teens attending their prom.

This amazing gesture made by Gina Rodriguez is something that you can also participate in., and are just a few. Instead of having your dresses hanging in the closet, you can make someone`s prom dreams come true.

It’s Prime time for Prom time!

It’s Prime time for Prom time!


Prom is a fun and exciting time for teens.  It’s a time where they can celebrate with their friends and enjoy the last few months of high school.  Make sure your teen is celebrating safely and wisely.

Here are some safety tips to help your teens have fun the right way:

  • Be stylish and safe by wearing comfortable shoes and attire to prevent injury.
  • Say no to alcohol and drugs.
  • Don’t drink and drive, and don’t get into the car with someone who has been drinking.
  • Wear a seatbelt every time! No matter how long the trip.
  • Make sure your parents or guardians know where you are at all times.
  • Use the “buddy” system and travel in groups.
  • Most of all, have fun and be safe!

Make Prom 2014 unforgettable and a memory that will last forever!