Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring Cleaning Hacks

The spring season is finally here and for some it means warmer weather and sunnier days, but, to others it means spring cleaning!

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to clutter in our homes. Often, what seems like clutter is simple disorganization. Take a little time to put some systems into place and all of that clutter will magically disappear. Here are some quick organization hacks to help make your home orderly.

  1. Put a wine rack in your laundry room. Organize items like dusters, cleaning gloves and flashlights by installing a vertical wine rack on the wall. It will corral those items you use frequently and keep them in easy reach.
  2. Make your bed. One of the first things all new military recruits learn to do is to make their beds properly. It may sound trite but having a made bed instantly make the room look neater, and you will feel better too.
  3. Divide and conquer. Use clear plastic boxes in your drawers and on shelves to organize. For example, place shoe boxes side by side in a drawer to sort socks by color or store camisoles, wristlets or scarves.
  4. Tame your Tupperware. The plastic storage food containers we use in the kitchen gets notoriously messy. Use a clear box to store all the lids on their sides, like a file. Next, stack the containers inside one another.
  5. Get a utensil holder. Add a round ceramic pitcher near the stove to hold all the utensils you most frequently use. The rest? Put them in a drawer.
  6. Organize kitchen drawers. Add dividers or containers to keep your items from being jumbled.
  7. Tackle bathroom counter chaos. The bathroom counter is often the scene of a beauty product explosion. Curb the chaos by adding a lazy Susan in the cabinet. If all you have is space under the sink, go for a double lazy Susan. The top rail keeps small items from toppling over.
  8. Use magazine racks. Libraries and airline clubs know that keeping papers and magazines organized keeps the whole place neat. Get a standing magazine floor rack with multiple sections to put all your reading materials in one place instead of spread out on top of tables, end tables and night stands.

Will spring cleaning be at the top of your to do list this spring season?


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