Snickers Candy

Snickers Candy

Snickers are hands down one of the most popular candy in the world. This candy can bring in an annual profits grossing around $2 billion. One thing we can agree on is that Snickers are pure edible joy. Besides knowing that they are absolutely delicious, I am going to share with you 6 fun facts that you might of not known.

1. Snickers got their name from a favorite horse of the Mars family.

2. Each regular Snickers bar has around 16 peanuts in each one.

3. When Snickers was released in 1930, the cost was just 5 cents.

4. Over 15 million Snickers are manufactured every day.

5. While they’re the most popular candy in the world, Snickers are not the top selling candy in America. The number one selling candy in America is M&Ms.

6. In the U.K., the Isle of Man, and Ireland, Snickers were sold

Now you know a little bit more about this scrumptious treat! Just like the slogan goes, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”! Comment below which kind of Snickers is your favorite! Ours is the Snickers peanut butter squared!

Written by: Sandra Costanzo

Take a Bite Into Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen!

Take a Bite Into Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen!

Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen in Babylon, New York


Since 1947 Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen has been serving America our favorite traditional and tasty treats. When you walk into one of Kilwins chocolate stores, the aroma of fresh handcrafted fudge and chocolates fill the air. With so many choices of chocolates, truffles and fudge to choose from, you are sure to find one of your favorites. Not only does Kilwins serve some of the most divine chocolate you will ever taste, but they are also experts in caramel covered apples, ice cream, and to most people’s surprise, chocolate covered BACON! The taste of salty bacon and the sweet, bitter taste of dark chocolate go together to form a delicious sweet and salty flavor. Their ice cream bar has over 20 flavors to choose from including their seasonal flavors such as pumpkin pie, apple pie, peppermint, and chocolate raspberry truffle. Every Wednesday is buy one waffle cone/bowl get one free!

Kilwins offers a variety of treat and gift baskets that are perfect for any occasion such as the upcoming holidays. ice cream

If you would like to read more about Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen, and find a location near you, go to

Written by: Amanda Haase