Cutting Prom Costs

Cutting Prom Costs

Many people fondly remember their high school proms. While proms make great memories, they can also break the bank!

Prom can be an expensive occasion. On average, American families plan to spend $900 on their children’s prom. Here are some helpful tips to help cut costs when it comes to preparing for prom 2017!

Search for deals: Subscribe to mailing lists and download apps such as Living Social or Groupon to find the best deals on flowers, formal wear, and all the extras.

Go supermarket floral: Supermarkets and warehouse clubs may offer discounted prices on flowers, which prom goers can fashion into boutonnieres and corsages. Also, nothing says you cannot pull a beautiful bloom out of your home garden as well!

Be your own paparazzi: Smartphone cameras now have excellent capabilities, and certain apps can apply filters and fix minor flaws easily. Pair with a coupon for discount photo prints, and soon you’ll have a frugal photo memory book or wall portrait.

Savings in numbers: See if a particular vendor will cut costs if you book services with a group of friends. Retailers will guarantee the sales, and prom goers can save some money.

Prom is meant for making memories, not getting in debt. Save money with smart shopping and avoid all the stress!

Happy prom season!


Mother’s Day Flower Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Flower Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that honors motherhood and provides opportunity for men, women, and children to show their mothers how much they appreciate them.

The tradition of Mother’s Day started in the USA back in 1908 and since then has developed into a national holiday. More than 100 years later, Mother’s Day is still a popular holiday.

Flowers are a popular Mother’s Day gift. Here are some varieties to consider when picking out the perfect bouquet for Mom.

Carnations: Carnations are popular Mother’s Day flowers, perhaps because they are available in a number of colors. That means you can get Mom her favorite color!

Roses: Few mothers can resist roses, making them one of the most popular flowers come Mother’s Day. Roses are symbolic of love and make the perfect floral gift.

Daffodils: Yellow is synonymous with spring, and daffodils can highlight the season in which Mother’s Day takes place, while also providing a cheerful look that’s perfect for Mother’s Day floral bouquets. If cared for, they can also last quite a while!

Freesia: Like daffodils, freesia are long lasting, meaning mothers will be enjoying them long after Mother’s Day has come and gone. Freesia also invite a beautiful fragrance.

What type of flowers will you being getting Mom this Mother’s Day?


Car Maintenance for Summer Traveling

Car Maintenance for Summer Traveling

School is out and road trip season is underway! Before hitting the open road, it is important make sure your car is in good condition for long travel.
Sticking to the maintenance schedule on your car keeps it running properly and protects you from expensive repairs.
Here are three of the top items to consider before packing your car and heading out of town:
  • Oil Change – this is probably the most important thing that you can do for your car. Skipping even one oil change can start damaging your engine.
  • Fluid maintenance – it is always important to top off all fluids, such as coolant, windshield washer fluid, etc.
  • Tire Rotation – tires can be very expensive to replace. Be sure to stop into your local mechanics shop and have them rotate your tires.
Fortunately, taking care of your car and preparing for road trips is easy. Following these basic steps will help insure a safe car and a safe trip.



Get To Your Destination Faster with some TSA Prep

Get To Your Destination Faster with some TSA Prep

Are you traveling anytime soon? If so, doing a little homework before you travel could save you some serious time at the airport!

For instance, visiting the transportation security administrations website can help you learn what items can be packed in carry on and which are best to leave in your check in suit case. You can also learn size requirements for toiletries that are allowed on planes and then find properly sized items in stores.

As a final tip, remember that all carry-on gels, liquids and aerosols need to be placed in a 1 quart, single zip-top, clear plastic bag.

For more information to help make your travel time faster visit

Happy travels!


When Was The Last Time You Inspected Your Clothes Dryer?

When Was The Last Time You Inspected Your Clothes Dryer?

When was the last time you inspected your clothes dryer? Failure to do so can pose a safety hazard in your home. Performing a regular maintenance check on your dryer can help promote energy efficiency and keep your dryer running properly for years.

Here are some tips to help maintain your dryer:

  • Inspect dryer and dryer vents every two to three years and clear any dirt or lint buildup.
  • Replace plastic or vinyl exhaust hoses with rigid or flexible metal venting.
  • Clear outdoor vent trap from snow and other debris.
  • Clean the dryer filter after each use.
  • Dry full loads of laundry and you could save $7 each month!

When it is time to upgrade be sure to visit for the latest on rebates for energy efficient appliances.