Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is an annual celebration of fathers and the contributions they make to their families. Dads get their due on Father’s Day, when sons, daughters, and wives typically give dad a few gifts to show their appreciation for all he does for them.

Finding the right Father’s Day gift is not always easy. No two fathers are the same. While a silk necktie might bring a smile to one father’s face, such a gift may fall flat with other dads.

By asking themselves a few questions in the weeks before their dads’ big day, Father’s Day shoppers can narrow down their options and find gifts that Dad will appreciate.

Here are the four questions to ask before heading out to pick the perfect gift:

What are Dad’s hobbies? Even if your father or husband loves what he does for a living, a gift that indulges one of his favorite hobbies may be just the thing!

What does Dad need? Sometimes the best gifts are what a recipient needs, as opposed to what he wants. Maybe Dad needs some new tools or maybe even a few new pieces of clothing.

What does Dad want? For the Dad who doesn’t seem to need anything, consider something he may want that he’s never had before. Something like tickets to see his favorite sports team or maybe his favorite band.

Is Dad a techie? Dads with a love for technology are living in the golden age for gadgets. Consider buying Dad a gadget he has been “itching” to get!

Finding the right Father’s Day gift can be challenging. But shoppers who stop to think about their father and what makes him happy can unearth a host of gift ideas that Dad is sure to love!


Finding The Ideal Gift For Dad This Fathers Day

Finding The Ideal Gift For Dad This Fathers Day

Father’s Day is only a couple days away and it is time to start shopping for that special man (or men) in your life. Every year, Fathers Day gift shoppers try to bargain gifts that express their love and gratefulness. However, this has been proven over and over again to be extremely challenging.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, consider the type of man that you are shopping for:

The Sports Nut: Men who can’t get enough of their favorite sports team would no doubt appreciate tickets to see their favorite team or some new gear, like a jersey, t-shirt or hat.

Father And Son With Ball Between Heads --- Image by © Brigitte Sporrer/cultura/Corbis

The Movie Mogul: The guy who can’t get enough of the big screen would sure be able to appreciate a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or even a streaming service where he can watch all of his favorites movies and TV shows.

movie dad






The Outdoors man: When shopping for the outdoors man in your life, consider which activity is his favorite. (Ex. fishing, hunting, camping, boating, etc.) Try to find the latest useful gadget or newest product made for such enthusiast. If you do not share the same passion for the great outdoors and you are hesitant on what to buy, a gift card to his favorite outdoor shop would be a great alternative.

fishing dad





The Doting Grandfather: If dad has retired and moved away, confide in mom and plan a surprise trip to go see him and plan fun activities for those days that you will be in town.

granfathher dad





If you are looking for other fun ideas and events for this Fathers day, visit http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/long-island-events/long-island-father-s-day-guide-1.2021281 to find more information.

Have a very Happy Fathers Day.

Written by: Amanda Haase

Who says Fathers Day can’t be about Mom’s too?

Who says Fathers Day can’t be about Mom’s too?

fathers day


Fathers Day is a time to honor the men in our life who have watched over, taken care of, and have made us who we are today. The bond between a child and father is priceless. This Fathers Day lets honor the men who have been by our side as we have grown. No matter if it is your father, grandfather, uncle, or brother, make sure your appreciation is known and show them how much they matter to you.

Fathers Day is not only a time to recognize the men in our life, but to recognize the mothers who have also had to take on the role as a father figure for their children. In the United States, 80.6% of single parents are mothers. Mothers must provide the emotional support and nurturing of both the mother and father in the household.

27% of single mothers live below the poverty line and lack the financial resources to support their children, as compared to having a male figure present.

Make sure that this Fathers Day you consider and thank all the men or women in your life that have helped you down the road while insuring a stable bond. Having this bond has been essential to your mental and human growth as an individual.

This Sunday, June 15th show you care and wish your loved ones a Happy Father Day!