The Amazing Health Benefits of Running

The Amazing Health Benefits of Running

This past February, I ran my first 10k race. I ran the Disney Princess 10k in Orlando and it was an amazing experience. The road to the finish line included months of prep.

In this article, I am going to tell you my favorite tips on how to run your best race. After all it isn’t always about coming in first but enjoying your time while gaining amazing health benefits.

1. Make a plan. I found the easiest way to do this was by planning out my workouts so that overtime I would run longer and faster. I also found out that making my lunches on Sunday, not only saved time but guaranteed a healthy lunch every day.

2. Consistency is key. Although cheat days and rest days are necessary, they should be carefully planned. It`s best to use these days when your body is in need of it so that you can recharge. This makes it easier to refocus and still achieve your goals.

3. Make it social. You can do this by running with friends or join a running club. Find people who motivate you and push you towards your goals.

4. Train your mind. If you make diet and running a habitat then you can efficiently incorporate it into your daily life.

5. Keep your goals realistic. Gradually work up to running that full 10 k by adding on distance at a rate that’s best for you. Try a weekly calendar and write down your workouts and meals for each day.

With spring officially here, there are so many races and marathons happening all over Long Island. Some fun runs include the color run or there are also many races for charity. It`s never too late to make running a part of your life.

Written by: Sandra Costanzo