Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

With just a week left till Halloween, it is finally time; pumpkin carving time! Kids, teens and even adults wait all year to carve their frightening Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween night!

Carving pumpkins is a great way to spend time with the whole family, but it can quickly become dangerous and turn Halloween fun into an unwanted nightmare. Pumpkins are tough but can become very slippery when handling them. This is why it is important to use extra precautions when carving pumpkins.

Follow some of these helpful safety tips when you’re carving your pumpkin this year:

Use the right tools: Consumer Reports tested pumpkin-carving kits a few years ago and observed that one advantage of the specialty tools is that they can saw through rinds, poke holes, and scoop out innards without being razor-sharp. Instead of using a household knife and spoon, purchase one of these kits from your local store.

Carve before taking off the top of the pumpkin: Carving the pumpkin before cutting the top off will help you avoid accidentally sticking your hand in the pumpkin while cutting inwards.

Take precautions: Carve in a clean, dry, and well-lit area.

Take your time: Remember, this is a fun activity and fun shouldn’t be rushed!

Don’t let kids carve: It is important to not let young children carve by themselves. Instead, have children draw markings on the pumpkin and help clean the innards out with a spoon or their hands.

Pumpkin carving is fun for everyone. Make sure you are administering safety this year while you share these activities with the ones you love.

At C.H. Edwards, Inc., we take pride in offering you helpful safety information, so that you can make the most of the time you spend with your family.

The Management and Staff at C.H. Edwards, Inc. wish you a Happy and Safe Halloween!


Get Moving With the Latest Fit Bit Fitness Tracker

Get Moving With the Latest Fit Bit Fitness Tracker

fit bitMany people are purchasing wearable fitness trackers, such as the Fit Bit. This handy dandy device is able to track many things such as the number of steps you take in a day, the total miles you have walked, calories you have burned and even your sleep rhythm.

You may be thinking, “Who would want to wear an uncomfortable, clunky band on their wrist?” The fit bit fitness tracker however is far from annoying. The fitness tracker itself is a small electronic piece that is held inside a breathable, easy to clean band in the color of your choice. Simply slide the tracker into the band and your ready to go!

Reading and viewing updates on your fitness tracker is easy too. Downloading the Fit Bit fitness app on your phone allows you to sync your device to your phone and lets FitBit_Flex-Sleep2you access your results in the palm of your hand at anytime of the day.

When it is time to turn the lights off and get some rest after a long day, visit your Fit Bit fitness app and put your fitness device into sleep mode and your tracker will begin to track your sleep rhythm, including how many times you are restless throughout the night, when you are awake and when you are sleeping.

When it’s time to wake up, your fitness band vibrates softly to wake you up at the time you set in your alarm clocks setting in your app.

rainbow-pack-fitbit-flex_1024x1024Not only is having the Fit Bit fitness device helpful to your daily life but it also fun in that you can make this wearable device fit your everyday style! When you first purchase the fit bit, you are given a band in one color of your choice, but aside from using that one colored band, you are able to purchase more bands from a huge variety of designs and colors.

Making fitness fun is finally here! When will you be purchasing your Fit Bit fitness tracker?

Written by: Amanda Haase


It’s Hot Outside! Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay safe!

It’s Hot Outside! Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay safe!

beat the heat good!

Heat waves kill an average of 175 people each year! Although laying out under the sun feels good on your skin, its slowing down the way your body cools off naturally, causing heat stroke, fainting and in worst cases, death. Early warnings of heat illness are cramps in the stomach or legs, hot red face and skin, heavy sweating, strong pulse and dizziness.
Here are some helpful tips in order to keep cool and beat the heat:

  •  Stay hydrated by drinking cold water to cool down and replenish your body.
  •  Drink Gatorade or a sport drink to replenish the electrolytes in your body.
  •  If your house is not air conditioned, find “cool spots” during the hottest points of the day to go to such as the library, mall, or schools.
  •  When going outside for long periods, it is best to wear loose fitting and light-colored clothing.
  •  If you must be out in the heat, try your best to limit it to the early morning and evening hours.
  •  It is important to keep a close eye on young children, elders 65 and over and people with special needs due to their greater risk of heat illness.
  •  Pregnant women should try their best to stay indoors in an air conditioned environment to protect bother her and the baby.
  •  If you experience any symptoms of heat stroke or illness seek medical attention immediately!

Beat the heat, and stay cool! Temperatures can be dangerously high and could cause you or a loved one to become fatally ill. Make sure you know the proper ways to avoid heat illness while enjoying these summer months!