Apple’s New and Redesigned Emojis

Apple’s New and Redesigned Emojis

If you love using emoji as a form of communication, then the news that Apple just released will make you happy. This Fall, Apple will be joining Google in adding different types of emoji that reflect gender equality. They announced over 100 new and redesigned emoji that will launch with iOS 10. The main focus of this new launch is to release a variety of emoji that better represent men and women in the workforce. This a project that both Google and Apple have joined together with the Unicode Consortium, which is the organization in charge of adding emoji. Since this project is supported by Unicode, it means the emoji will show up properly on all different devices.

This update will include alterations to existing ones as well as never before seen emoji. Users can now pick between female and male athletes and professionals. There will also be an addition of a new rainbow flag. One lastly addition will be more family options, like single parent families. “Google says 90% of the world’s online population use emoji, and giving people more options to express themselves is a good thing.” And now this Fall, you will be able to express yourself even more throughout the use of emoji. What emoji are you most excited for?

Written by: Sandra Costanzo

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