Shopping Safely Online this Valentine’s Day

Shopping Safely Online this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means shopping for s special gift for that special someone.  Although you may be heading to your local florist or candy shop to pick up a gift, others do their shopping online.

Let’s face it, shopping on line is fast, easy and your items ship right to your front door. However, we can’t forget about the lurking thieves who aim to steal your credit card, bank and other personal information.

Follow these basic guidelines and you can shop online with confidence this Valentine’s Day:

  • Use familiar websites. If you know the site, chances are you won’t be ripped off. Websites such as Edible Arrangements and 1-800 Flowers are well known sites and chances are you will be making a purchase on a secure site.
  • Never buy anything online using your credit card from a site that doesn’t have SSL (secure sockets layer) you can see if the site has SSL if the site starts with https:// instead of just http://.
  • Never give more information than needed. No online store needs to know your social security number or your birthday to do business. If thieves get this information along with your credit card information, it can do a lot of damage.
  • Check your credit card and debit card statements regularly. Make sure you don’t see any fraudulent charges. If you do, contact your bank immediately.
  • Install an anti-virus program onto your PC and be sure to do regular updates.

Shop safely this Valentine’s day and every other day of the year. You never know who could be lurking in the shadows!


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