Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting 2016

Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting 2016

Although the Empire State building is one of New York’s most iconic sites, the Rockefeller Christmas tree is right up there with it. This year`s tree comes from Oneonta, New York. This gigantic Norway spruce will be chopped down on November 10th and will arrive in New York City on November 12th. Then on November 30th, is the event that we’ve been waiting for. That is the tree lighting ceremony! You will be able to watch this live along with musical performances on NBC.

This year’s fabulous tree will be decorated with 50,000 LED lights and of course topped with a Swarovski star. The best part is that you are able to enjoy the tree from November 30th all the way till January 7th. So you have no excuse not to catch a bit of this Christmas magic. And while you are there, you can even skate below the tree at the Rink at Rockefeller plaza. This is a Christmas tradition that you don’t want to pass you by!

Written by: Sandra Costanzo

It’s a Very Merry Christmas at Walt Disney World!

It’s a Very Merry Christmas at Walt Disney World!

It’s a very merry Christmas time at Walt Disney World. What better way to celebrate the holidays then with cookies, hot chocolate, Christmas parades and Mickey Mouse.

Right after Halloween night comes to an end the elves at Magic Kingdom transform a spooky Halloween spectacular to a winter wonderland. The party starts off with snow all down Main Street. And yes you read that right, snow in Florida! There’s nothing a little Disney Magic can’t do.
Castle at Magic KingdomDuring the snow the Magic Kingdom is filled with Christmas tunes and scents of fresh baked cookies and candy. That’s because throughout the park, there are complementary cookies and hot coco. The cookies and hot coco were my favorite part of the party aside from Mickey and Minnie in their festive attire of course. During the holiday season Frozen stars, Anna and Elsa transform Cinderella castle into their very own glimmering ice palace. This transformation is done with the help of the crowd chanting snow and ice. They get even more help by their friends, Olaf and Kristoff. The night also includes a special Christmas parade called Mickeys Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. The parade kicks off with Mickey and Minnie greeting their holiday party guests and also the princesses accompanied by their princes, an appearance by Olaf and it wraps up with Santa Claus. The parade is followed by celebrate the magic which is a colorful projection show on Cinderella castle. After celebrate the magic comes the much anticipated holiday firework show.
The firework show is always the best way to end a fun filled night of cookies, hot cocoa, singing and dancing to Christmas tunes and Mickey and his pals.

It’s a wonderful time to be in Disney.

Written by: Sandra Costanzo

Making Donations to those in need this holiday season on Long Island

Making Donations to those in need this holiday season on Long Island

The holidays are a time when we stop and reflect for all that we are thankful for over the past year. It may be health, or family or even obtaining a goal that seemed out of reach. Some families are not as fortunate and the holidays can be a time of sadness for not being able to provide their families that same hopefulness for the year ahead.

The holiday season provides an opportunity to help those families in need. A food or clothing donation, volunteering at a food bank, collecting gently used toys within your own home or buying an extra gift for donation are just some of the ways you may be able to help. Don’t forget the Pets. Many animal shelters are in need of warm blankets and food during the Winter months. There are organizations all over Long Island that will assist you with your generous donation.

Here are some places on Long Island that will accept your donations:

Little Flower Family and Children’s Services (

Little Flower is located in Wading River and helps children find foster care and possible adoption. Your support in the form of a toy drive, school supply drive or any other drive is greatly appreciated.

Island Harvest 516-294-8528

Island Harvest is a food bank with locations in Mineola, Hauppauge and Uniondale.

Long Island Cares

Long Island Cares helps give out food and helps with school supplies and pets.

Kids United Against Hunger

Long Island Cares sponsors a project with the United Way of Long Island that helps teach kids about hunger and gives them an opportunity to volunteer at the Harry Chapin Food Bank in Hauppauge.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island 631-234-0000

Free pickup at your home is offered. Used clothing, coats, shoes, toys and small household items are appreciated and distributed to people in need.

Goodwill Industries International

New Or gently used items including clothing, appliances, electronics and furniture are happily accepted.

Society of St. Vincent De Paul

With locations all over Long Island, they will gladly accepting donations of all kinds.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army gladly accepts gently used items that will be sold through Family Thrift Stores. You can donate appliances, automobiles, adult and children’s clothing furniture and household goods.

These are just a few suggestions. Places of worship often provide the opportunity to donate food , warm weather gear and gifts through outreach services in your local community.

If you are feeling thankful this holiday season and would like to share that feeling with those less fortunate, reach out and make a donation. Your will have one more thing to be thankful for.

Happy Holidays from your friends at C.H. Edwards, Inc.!

Written by: Denise A. Visco

Time For The Season

Time For The Season

Yesterday morning began with trips down to the basement, scratching my head, and looking for boxes of Christmas decorations, which apparently, would be much easier to find if I just listened to my wife when putting things away.

The tree stand was to the right side of the room and the clear boxes of ornaments and tinsel was on the left. The wife brought up the Christmas stockings and the Garlands. We found the white icicle lights that hang in our windows; we found the Santa decorations that go in the bathroom and on the other shelves throughout the house. We found the small white Christmas tree that stands in my daughter’s bedroom window; we found all of the little figurines that we place around the white tree in our own version of a miniature, winter wonderland.

Then, of course, out comes the white Menorah with electric blue lights. This decoration is out of respect for the religion I was raised with. These decorations sit on one of the shelves in my daughter’s room, along with cottony-white pillows of fake snow, blue and red Dreidel lights that string above her bed (A Dreidel is that four-sided top that we spin around on the floor) and next to the white Menorah, which stands on puffs of pretend snow on the shelf next to her bed, there is a small white snowman with tiny lights that shine inside of its crystal-like belly. Its eyes and a mouth made of coal; it has twig arms and a pointy orange carrot for a nose.HOLIDAY DECORATING

We cleared the shelving and the cabinets in the living room. We moved the necessary furniture to accommodate the Christmas tree—which is not always an easy setup. The tree stands on occupied real estate. By occupied real estate, I mean this is where my bird lives for the other 49 weeks of the year.

Oscar the Bird and his cage move from one side of the room to the other. His move is only five or six paces away from his usual spot, but he doesn’t like this. He Squawks and tries to snap at my fingers as I roll his cage to its temporary position.

Eventually, he calms down. I give him a treat or something to sink his large beak into, and with some hesitation, Oscar usually accepts the trade.

We buy our Christmas tree in the parking lot across from the East Meadow Fire Department on East Meadow Avenue. Each year, the firemen and women sell trees and wreaths to raise money for the firehouse. I feel it is my obligation to buy our tree and wreath from them. I feel it is my responsibility as a member of the community to thank them for their service while intentionally overpaying for an underpriced tree.

The tree is good. It smells from pine needles and the color is truly green and vibrant. I learned my lesson, so this year I made sure not to buy a tree that was too big for my home. This MENORA AND DREDIELyear’s tree is not too big or small. It is not too fat or too thin. This tree is just right.

After the normal frustration that comes with the beginning stages of preparing the house; the tree went into its stand, and I began to ravel the branches with green wires that hold clear lights. I made several passes around, working from the inside out, and weaving the string of lights around until the soft lighting warmed the tree with a holiday spirit.

Slowly, the house transformed into the Christmas spirit. The wreath was placed on the front door and the stockings were hung on the banister of our staircase. Everyone has their own stocking—even Roxxy the Dog who passed away.

We put on the movie, “Elf,” because it is a seasonal favorite in my house. My wife and I continued to decorate. My daughter helped, and occasionally, the two of them would shout out their favorite quotes from their favorite holiday movie.

As night fell, the decorating was nearly complete. The heartwarming lights gleamed as we placed the star on top of the Christmas tree. To complete it, my daughter placed the silver tinsel around the branches. One by one, she carefully hung the ornaments as the dogs sat nearby and watched us change the room into something magnificent.

We were all tired by the end of the night. We went to bed with Christmas lights still gleaming. The house was warm and all was well.

At last, the Holiday Season has begun . . .

Written by Ben Kimmel, The Written Addiction