Open roads and motorcycle safety is always in style!

Open roads and motorcycle safety is always in style!


Blue Skies and open roads are finally here. Not only does that mean it’s time to get your motorcycle back on the road, but also to make sure you are riding with safety.  “While motorcycles are cool, they just aren’t as safe as cars. To some people, that’s part of the appeal. Living life on the edge and taking risks can be part of what makes riding a motorcycle rewarding.” In this blog, you will find many safety tips to make sure you have the best experience possible.


  1. Wear a helmet. A helmet can help reduce or prevent concussions, skull fractures, damage to eye sockets or other facial features, and traumatic brain injuries.
  2. Take a motorcycle safety course., is one of the many places to offer both basic and beyond basic motorcycle safety courses.
  3. Check your motorcycle before hitting the road. Make sure the lights, horn, blinkers, brakes, and tires are in good working order before you even turn on the engine, especially if you have not been on your bike recently.
  4. Educate your passengers. Make sure to have a spare helmet ready for anyone else who will ride with you on your motorcycle, and talk them through motorcycle safety so you can drive distraction-free.
  5. Keep your hands firmly on the handlebars. Too many drivers take one hand off the wheel, especially to fiddle with the radio or answer their phone. Distracted driving is dangerous enough when you’re surrounded by metal and airbags – when you’re operating a motorcycle, all you have between yourself and hitting the pavement is your safety gear and your awareness. Keep your hands in place, steering your bike, and look out for other drivers.
  6. Look twice at every intersection. Look left, then right, then left again before driving through an intersection. Many drivers do not look carefully for stop or yield signs. A number of drivers involved in motorcycle accidents claim that they did not even see the rider before it was too late. This simple safety precaution can help ensure that you see them and that they see you before it’s too late.
  7. Leave enough space. As a motorcyclist, you will not have the benefit of a bumper if you hit the vehicle in front of you, and you could easily fly off your bike and seriously injure yourself.


Along with these safety tips, you should also make sure your insurance is completely up to date. One major detour / red light on your joy ride, could be not having proper coverage, including motorcycle accessory coverage. Here at C.H. Edwards, we make getting proper coverage as easy as cruising through green lights. Give us a call for your no obligation quotation.

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