Simple Winter Hacks To Help You Save

Simple Winter Hacks To Help You Save

Colder days are ahead of us, and that means a higher utility bill, due to hot water and heat. Experts say that this winter season could significantly increase your bill compared to other years due to the rising fuel costs.

If you want to save some of your pennies this year, follow some of these simple hacks you can do around the house that will help you save big.

  • Put weather stripping around windows and doors to stop air leaks. Air strips are only a few dollars and they take seconds to install.
  • Turn your thermostat down when you’re not home. If your entire family is away from your home during the daytime, there is no reason to have the heat up. Instead, open your drapes and let the natural light and warmth in from the sun.
  • Set your ceiling fan to turn clockwise. This will allow the hot air that has risen to be pushed back down to warm you.
  • Check the setting on your hot water heater. Lowering your temperature 20 degrees can help you save up to 11 percent on your utility bill.
  • Take shorter showers. Although the hot water feels good, money in your pocket will feel even better. On average, an entire family can use up to 150 gallons of hot water in the morning while showering.
  • Perform an energy audit to see exactly how much energy you’re wasting and where the biggest problems are. You can either hire an expert to do this or you can do it for free by clicking here and seeing how,

How much energy and money do you plan to save this winter season?


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