The Gift of Life Insurance

The Gift of Life Insurance

The holidays are here and tis’ the season for gift giving. Many people think of gift giving as exchanging cookies, baked goods, toys or clothing.

What about the gift of life insurance? To some, it may sound confusing and to others it makes perfect sense.

Truth is, giving the gift of a life insurance policy does make perfect sense. When you give the gift of life insurance, you’re giving the gift of financial stability for the future.

If you’re tgingerbreadhinking about giving the gift of life insurance to someone you know this holiday season, here are some important factors to consider when making your decision:

Think about who you are buying for. Giving life insurance to children or grandchildren is ideal. When an individual is in good health, life insurance will cost considerably less. Therefore, making it an affordable gift.

Select the right type of life insurance. Policies that include a cash value feature, such as whole life or universal life gives the most flexibility for the future, and the opportunity to establish a foundation.

Purchase an appropriate amount of coverage. Depending on your recipient, it is important to calculate how much that person will need in life insurance. For younger children a policy with a smaller cash value is sufficient. However, if you are purchasing for someone older, consider the following:
Funeral expenses
Medical expenses, in the event the recipient faces an illness or accident.
Income protection
Retirement investment availability

Know when life insurance doesn’t make sense as a gift. If the person you are considering purchasing a policy for is sick, elder, or uses tobacco, it could increase the price of the policy. In this situation, you can use your best judgment to choose if the money is better spent elsewhere.
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We wish you a very happy holiday season from the management and staff at C.H. Edwards, Inc.

Written by: Denise Visco

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