The History and Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

The History and Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

Have you ever wondered who the real St. Patrick was?  Why do we celebrate with parades and big celebrations?  Each year millions of people around the world celebrate this patron saint of Ireland without any knowledge if his life or why he is so important to the Emerald Isle.

St. Patrick was not Irish.  He was born in Wales, a Roman territory at the time in 385 AD and was raised in a wealthy family.  His given name was Maewyn, though some say it was Succat, a Celtic word meaning “warlike”.  His father was a Roman official so Maewyn was also known as Patricus.  When he was 16 he was captured by a clan of Irish marauders and taken to Ireland as a slave.  Once in Ireland, he was sent to County Antrim to be a shepherd.  During this time, he worked outdoors away from people.  Lonely and afraid he turned to religion for solace becoming a devout Christian.

After six years as a slave, Patrick escaped and made his way back to his family.  He began studying in a monastery and there he heard the voice of God telling him to return to Ireland to convert the Pagans to Christianity.  This he did as Bishop to Ireland in 432.  His first church was in Saul in Northern Ireland. Patrick brought many monasteries to Ireland and was thought to have single-handedly responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland.  Patrick explained that the shamrock with its stalk and three separate leaves represented the father, son and holy ghost, the three aspects of the Christian God.

March 17, 481 is considered to be the day St. Patrick died.  St. Patrick’s Day celebrations began in Ireland as a holy day.  The first parade was held in Boston in 1737 and in NYC in 1762 as a response to the prejudice against the Irish-Catholic people.  In an effort to promote cultural pride and acceptance, the Irish community banded together.

Today the Irish and the Irish-for-a-day around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  From wearing green, green beer, green bagels, and the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, St. Patrick’s Day has come far from the recognition of the patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and make safety a priority for your celebration.

6 Tips To Maintaining a Healthy, Beautiful Looking Lawn This Summer Season

6 Tips To Maintaining a Healthy, Beautiful Looking Lawn This Summer Season


The warm sunny weather is here and it’s time of the year for healthy, green growing grass. A yard doesn’t just have healthy green grass all by itself year after year. In most cases, it takes constant gardening maintenance to care for grass and maintain its gorgeous green coloring.


During this time of year, your grass needs special care. Follow these 6 tips when maintaining your lawn this summer season:

1. Cut your grass at the proper height to maintain its health. If your grass is cut too short, it will burn in the sun or die. Grass that is kept too high will start to thin out due to too much shade. Tall grass also stays damp, which can lead to mold and mildew. Trim your grass about once a week during the growing season to keep it the correct height.

2. Dethatch your yard every two or three years to remove dead grass buildup. When grass dies and new blades take its place, dead vegetation builds up on top of the soil. This can block light and air from advancing new growth.

3. Towards the end of the summer season, aerate your yard to loosen the soil and incorporate more air flow near the surface.

4. After you aerate your grass, overseed your grass. Since you already have a lawn, simply cast the seeds by hand over the grass, throwing out more seed over thin areas.

5. Water your grass on a regular basis, and after casting seed, to maintain healthy growth.

Watering lawn6. Set up a sprinkler for your yard, and water the grass once a day for 15 minutes. Be sure to avoid overwatering your grass. Continue this until you see blades of new grass growing.

Maintain that healthy, beautiful look you love all summer long by following these simple maintenance tips. Make your lawn, your home’s first impression.

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Written by: Amanda Haase