Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother`s Day is around the corner and nothing beats a homemade gift. From cards to decorations to picture frames, any Mother would feel extra special receiving one of these top homemade gifts.

1. A mason jar flower pot with a picture on it

Mason Jar








2. A notebook of reasons why your Mom is so special to you

Mom Book

3. A personalized card

Personlized Card

4. A puzzle piece picture frame

Picture Frame

5. Cookies made with extra love


Written by: Sandra Costanzo

C.H. Edwards got Talent!

C.H. Edwards got Talent!

Photo: One quilt finished and three to go

Our Bookkeeper Rosie Lenoci here at C.H. Edwards has got quite a magnificent talent. Not only is she an amazing Bookkeeper but she is an Avid Quilter. It all started when her sister had threw out a Home and Garden Book. At the time, Rosie thought, “You can’t throw out a book!” Rosie took the book out of the garbage and began to look through it. She came across a beautiful Christmas Quilt, and her first thought was “I want to make that quilt!” She decided to go to a sewing store, and asked the women working if she could teach her how to make it. The women said “no” but said she was hiring someone to teach a quilting class. So Rosie signed up.

After taking the classes, Rosie was hooked! The very first quilt she made was a Log Cabin Quilt. In she opened a store on Broadway in Massapequa, NY called The Quilting Bug. She sold custom quilted curtains, quilts, and fabrics. She even offered quilting classes for adults and children.

Rosie says that the thing she liked the most about quilting is the opportunity to be creative and the challenge of taking a piece of fabric and turning it into something awesome!

If you want to see Rosie make a quilt from start to finish, visit her face book page!