Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!! Not only do we celebrate Earth Day all year long here at .C.H. Edwards,inc., but so does Disney! Especially at Disney`s Animal Kingdom. I am going to share with you some fun facts about our lovely earth, along with fun facts straight from Disney.

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22,1970. Ever since then it has brought more and more awareness each year. On the very first Earth Day, 20 million people gathered in the streets of America to protest the industrial revolution. An environmental movement was born as a result. Even though the intention of the day was not to create Earth Day, it led to a tradition that is still kept up today. This all goes back to Gaylord Nelson. This is because he founded Earth Day while working as a US senator.

Now on to the Disney facts! Although Disney is considered to be very Eco-friendly, lets focus more on Animal Kingdom. This is because Animal Kingdom is Disney World`s largest theme mark, measured at 500-acres. This massive park is also the only Disney Park dedicated just to wildlife conservation.  A little-known secret to look out for is the highway sign in Dinoland, which says “Route 498”, this is in reference to Earth Day when the park was officially opened (April 1998). Disney is actually filled with many Eco-friendly features including The Tree of Life, which is something you can’t miss as soon as you walk in the park. This major feature of the park is a massive 14 stories (145-foot tall, 160-foot wide) “tree”, which was made out of an old oil barrel, and allegedly took 10 artists and 3 Disney imagineers to create the 325 carvings on the tree, which took about 18 months, working full-time. And last but not least, we can’t forget about the Kilimanjaro Safari! The Kilimanjaro Safari savannah is 3 acres larger than the Magic Kingdom. That’s one ride, that’s larger than an entire theme park. The park itself is five times the size of the Magic Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom parking lot is almost 100 acres large. Kilimanjaro Safari is one of my favorite attractions in the park. No matter how many times you go on it, you never know which animals will be out. My favorite is the giraffes. I’ve even seen them come right up the safari vehicle!

Make sure to enjoy the outdoors today and do something that gives back to the environment. Something as easy as recycling or planting a plant can make such a difference. Happy Earth Day!



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