5 Things To Know Before Your Next Mammogram!

The lifetime risk of a woman in the United States of getting breast cancer is one out of eight. Mammograms help detect cancer at its early stages with the use of full field digital imaging. Although going for an annual breast exam may seem helpful in detecting tumors, research has shown that the death rate of women suffering from breast cancer is nearly identical to those women who have received mammograms annually. Before walking into the doctor’s office for your next mammogram it is important to know these five facts:mammogram

Mammograms May Offer Less Benefit Than You Think –
Many women believe that a mammography reduces the risk of breast cancer deaths by at least half. In reality, mammography, at best, offers a reduction of 20 percent and prevents only one breast-cancer death per 1,000 women.

Mammography May Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with a BRCA 1/2 Mutation –
Women carrying the mutation BRCA ½ that are exposed to radiation (including mammograms) before the age of 30 are twice as likely to develop breast cancer, compared to women who do not have the mutation. Research has also found that the radiation-induced cancer was dose-responsive. Quite simply meaning the higher the dosage, the bigger the risk!

False Positives are Common (and Dangerous) –
The risk of having a false-positive test results is shockingly high. Having a false-positive can give women stress and anxiety and subject them to other unnecessary testing which can cause other risks on their own.

Mammograms May Not Work if You Have Dense Breasts –
50 percent of women have dense breast tissue, which makes reading mammograms harder to read. Dense breast tissue and cancer both appear white on an X-ray, making it hard for doctors to tell the difference.

There are Other Screening Options –
There are other screening options available. It’s your body and you have the right to utilize your options!

So now you know the facts! Consider these facts when you attend your next annual mammogram. Remember, it’s your body, take control and be aware!

C.H. Edwards, Inc. recognizes October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Through our blog and other social media efforts, we strive to educate and bring awareness to all.

Written by: Amanda Haase

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