June Is Lane Courtesy Month

highway photoJune is Lane Courtesy month. Yielding when you merge into faster traffic is a simple concept, but it is often overlooked and forgotten.

Chances are, when you’re behind the wheel, you observe many people ignoring this basic driving rule. This rule is commonly referred to as “Lane Courtesy”. If everyone would practice Lane Courtesy, driving would be much more pleasurable, our roads would be safer, and road rage would decrease along with the number of accidents we have each year.

Here are the four main benefits provided, when practicing Lane Courtesy:

1. You’re Less Likely To Be In An Accident
When you avoid distracting and frustrating other drivers on the road, traffic is able to run more smoothly. When traffic is running smoothly, there is less tailgating, less weaving in-and-out of traffic, and therefore fewer accidents.

2. You Will Get Better Gas Mileagegas mileage photo
While Lane Courtesy promotes smooth flowing traffic, it also helps drivers maintain an even pace. Vehicles use the most gas when accelerating. Less braking followed by acceleration will improve fuel economy.

3. You Will Arrive To Your Destination Faster
Correctly yielding and merging onto a highway reduces congestion and traffic. When traffic runs smoothly, drivers are able to use the road to its fullest extent.

4. You Will Not Have To Deal With Road Rage
Dealing with road rage is the last thing you want to do. Nobody likes to fight with others on the road. Drivers who “hog” the left lane are a main source of irritation for numerous drivers. The simple act of moving to the right can eliminate drivers’ stress as well as reduce road raging.

Think about Lane Courtesy next time you’re on the road. Not only will Lane Courtesy help you, but it will help others around you.

Drive Safely!

Written by: Amanda Haase

Photo by davebloggs007

Photo by Bill Selak

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