Minimizing The Clean Up of a Live Christmas Tree

Minimizing The Clean Up of a Live Christmas Tree

The holiday is over and now that not so fun part begins. Clean up is never fun especially when it comes to the well- loved Christmas tree.

It’s tree removal time. Removing a dried out Christmas tree can be a cleaning disaster. It’s better for the tree to make a clean exit before it withers. A tree can drink a gallon of water per day, so make sure the stand reservoir is adequately depleted. Over time, the tree may stop taking water. When this happens, it is best to take down the decorations and get ready for removal. Hiding a tree disposal bag under the tree skirt can make it easier to get the tree out to the curb. Some people find that clipping off the branches and removing them in a stack, is cleaner than trying to navigate a full-sized tree through small doorways and across several rooms.

A Dried out Christmas tree is the leading cause of holiday fires. If you enjoyed your tree over the holidays, don’t let avoiding the clean-up put you at risk of a New Year Disaster. Take steps ahead of time to plan for a quick exit or at a minimum discontinue the use of lights. In colder climates, household heat can also cause your tree to dry out faster and put you at risk.

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Written by: Denise Visco

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